American education

American education

Posted On : Jul 05 2021 American education

American education is one of the most distinctive of America was a superpower, because the criterion of success of the state is linked with her became America's destination to live, especially since they have literacy rates of 99% and annually more than $ 2 billion budget for education, in which education is free and compulsory from primary to secondary. 

According to the QS HESS higher education system strength Index, America is # 1 in the world in education strength 

According to the Evolution Index, the amount of knowledge reached 95% in terms of the availability of information to the public. 

Ranking of the United States in education sixth in the world according to other rankings 

U.S. Education is monitored by specialized international agencies, the Department of education and the state itself, where each district is subject to its own mandates even in education and curriculum teaching.

So we chose American education because it's so powerful.

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