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The most gorgeous online colleges are built USA University Of Washington.

USA University Of Washington “Where Education Begins And Never Ends” Our Degrees Bachelor Degree Master Degree Doctors Degree

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Unlimited Possibilities

Learning Based On Specific Essays And Intensive Practical Practicals And Achieve The Goal Without Relying On Cognitive Fatigue, Information Burden, Filling And Indoctrination

In Addition To University Degrees Accredited In America, Notarized By The U.S. State Department And Notary, And Notarized By All Embassies Of The World

Learn anywhere

our local and international presence We in America doesn't mean we don't serve all the world

Our Mission

Educate, Ehance, Empower
"In all our colleges we care about practical training, empowerment and real education

Our Vision

The USA University of Washington's vision and strategic priorities reflect the core scientific values and culture that make us wonderful and unique

Our Curriculum

All of our curriculum, books and standards from McGraw-Hill and major American publishers interested in practicality

Our Degrees

We believe in everyone's passion and everyone's legitimate ambition for a better life

Normal Conditions

conditions of entry, application and exceptions for joining the University

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We have an experienced team of authors who have active and practical teaching experience in the classroom. Study Opportunities projects are a passion for every writer and this team has succeeded in making an ever-changing and often difficult subject manageable and rewarding to learners and teachers alike.

5400 Students
1650 Scholarships
150 Diplomas

Everything in USA UOW

.Ranking of the United States in education sixth in the world according to other rankings
According to the Evolution Index, the amount of knowledge reached 95% in terms of the availability of information to the public.

1200 +
Active students
130 +
1050 +
1500 +

Frequently asked Questions

U.S. Education is monitored by specialized international agencies, the Department of education and the state itself, where each district is subject to its own mandates even in education and curriculum teaching.

1What is the USA University of Washington's license ?

The USA University of Washington is committed to implementing internationally recognized standards and top tenets of American higher education and is licensed and authorized to operate fully recognized in the United States of America and the world through the national recognition office in Delaware

We are authorized to work legally in the field of Continuing Education, Human Resources Development and the granting of degrees at various levels of study

All certificates of authenticity from American foreign notary and outdoor country Dharma, which means that the certificate is genuine and reliable

2Why choose USA University of Washington ?

Three reasons to choose Washington

First : It is a modern university that applies international traditions and norms in education and keeps pace with the latest scientific breakthroughs and developments

Second : diversity of programs and diversity of learners

Third :flexibility, practicality and customer service

3How to equate and document professional experiences ?

At the USA University of Washington, we do not always adhere to strict rules and have flexibility in admission requirements.

At the USA University of Washington, you can send your papers, certificates of experience and CV, and you can equate those experiences and get degrees corresponding to your experiences

So we save you time and effort and promise you speed in documenting your experiences and equalize them to get the best certificates.

4What about a bachelor's degree ?

The most important institution you should be interested in developing is you.

So we offer you the opportunity to get an post-BSC and many other humanities from the USA University of Washington

Post-secondary and postgraduate education has historically been the most effective way to improve social and economic status.

That is, more than us 20,000$ who graduate with a bachelor's degree in business.

5What is the importance of studying a master’s degree, especially with an American university?

(Benefits of studying MBA with a university in the USA)

First benefit : an increase in income due to the strength of U.S. Education (#1 in the world according to the QS rating)

Second benefit : practical education suited to a developed economy (skills + knowledge + personal development )

Third benefit : the country of Science Is America and most students of all cultures accept American education

Finally the best professors, books and curricula in the world

6What is the importance of a DBA ?

A professional doctorate is the highest degree in Applied Studies and is the natural step after a professional master's in Business Administration

A professional doctorate is a degree of professionalism in the assigned specialty, familiarity with all Management Sciences and reach the depth of these sciences

It is awarded by universities to help students to access the latest science, which is the highest degree of specialization in a field،

The DBA is the professorship, which represents the exact specialty،

The doctoral thesis involves the achievement of innovative and original research or a homogeneous Research Group, and the thesis is evaluated and discussed in front of a group of professors specializing in the field of the thesis.

Where education begins and never ends

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